Terms and Conditions

General Rules

Do not shorten links with netb.ee that contain adult material.

Do not shorten links with netb.ee that contain illegal activities.

Do not shorten links from other URL shortener services.

Do not spam with your shortened links provided from netb.ee.

Only the netb.ee link has to open when a user clicks on the link. No other links / windows are allowed.

The only legitimate way to open a netb.ee link is with a mouse click, on the actual link.

You may click on your own netb.ee links 1 time to test them.

We reserve the right to not pay for advert views generated by the owner of the netb.ee account, on their own links.


If you violate any of those rules, we will not pay your revenues and may ban your account from netb.ee



You will only be paid if the visitor matches these conditions and you have shortened your URL with our "Monetize" option.


  1. The visitor has to view our advertisement for at least 5 seconds.
  2. The visitor has Javascript and Cookies enabled.
  3. The visitor doesn't have an adblocker installed.
  4. The visitor must have Adobe Flash installed and enabled

The minimum payout rate is $25.

You may only use our URL shortener service if you agree to our Terms and Conditions

The 'Estimated revenues' shown in your profile is only an approximate amount of your revenues. This might differ from the sum we are paying you.

Payments are only possible with PayPal right now.